Importance and Advantages of Directory Submission

To make website link popular and get top ranking in search engine result pages, submission of link in directories is very important. There are many directories on the net from general to specific with their own link submission processes

Back link help for driving traffic to the website and improving the web site status in search engines, it can also raise another score that has grown in important, in search engine’s PR scores. Google PR rankings are widely used by website owners when evaluating a website. A Google PR can translate into more advertisers being willing to advertise on a particular website, more websites being willing to offer links to the website, and more people visiting the website in general.

Important things to know before you submitting websites in directories

1) Read the directory Terms and Condition Before you submit your site
2) Check the Page rank of the Directory before you submit
3) Always Submit in a directory which has a higher page rank than yours.
4) Manual submission has more advantages than Automated submission
5) Submit your link to the most appropriate category related to your website and nature of business
6) Determine the best description for your web site for each directory.
7) List your keywords, in order of importance.
8) Don't make it sound "spammy!"
9) Add your home page to the directory first, then submit specialized topics within your web site.
10) Double-check everything
11) Free Submission in directories take time for listing, so be patient
12) Keep a log of Directory Submission and check it regularly

In my Next Post i am going to submit a Huge list both free and paid Directories


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